Phood Community Farming.

Be part of a group of local urban farmers in Eindhoven. Together we grow based on permaculture principles and fully sustainable, social and regenerative. Harvest your own vegetable box weekly, daily fresh!

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A look at the garden.

Eand image says more than a thousand words. On 1.5 acres, we grow seasonal vegetables year-round in nature. Take a look at the garden of our Phood Community Farm on the outskirts of Southeast Eindhoven.

Weekly vegetable package.

Hyper-locally grown seasonal produce in a weekly farmbox. Better than organic!

Learning about permaculture.

Every week we put our hands in the earth together and learn about permaculture.

Greening the city together.

Together we care for the land in an ecological and regenerative way.

Create social impact.

Your Box provides more work and learning places for young people distanced from the labor market.

Online growth platform.

We learn from nature, but especially from each other and through tutorials, recipes and workshops.

Learning Together. Growing together.

At the Phood Community Farm, you will learn all about growing ecological vegetables based on principles from permaculture, aquaponics and other forms of (urban) farming. As a Community Farmer you will be taken through the growing process with like-minded people; how to sow and harvest, which plants go well together, how to make your own compost and much more!

Based on a (growth) schedule with associated tasks, you will help out in the permaculture garden for about 6-8 hours a month*. You will be notified through the online platform what tasks are available on what day and where you can then sign up for them.

Under the guidance of professionals, you will learn how to grow your own food in a nature inclusive way. You will then receive the products to take home, including healthy matching, Phood Kitchen recipes. There is a casual atmosphere, it is approachable, fun, delicious and cracking fresh! We grow unsprayed, local and ecological products. And you can taste that!

*No time to physically farm along? Then sign up as a Community Shopper and receive a weekly vegetable pack with vegetables straight from the land!

How it works.


Sign up!

Choose a one-time, weekly or annual subscription that suits you best: Community ‘Farmer’ or ‘Shopper’.


Learn along!

Learn more about a healthy food chain and permaculture in the field or through our online platform.


Enjoy the harvest!

Receive your weekly vegetable package with the best quality products. #betterthanorganic.

Choose the product that suits you

Check out our vegetable box subscriptions below! Sign up for a one-time, weekly, every other week or annual subscription. You get instant access to the online Phood Community Farming platform. After signing up, the next steps will become clear immediately!

From €15.00

Want to help out in the fields and learn how to grow your own vegetables? Sign up as a Farmer and grow your own vegetable box!

From €18.50

A day of co-farming in the fields? You can do that every Saturday, and you’ll get to take home your harvested vegetable box right away!

From €20.00

Want to be involved, order “better than organic” products, but not co-farm yourself? Then this box is for you!

From €23.50

Trying the vegetable box once, but prefer not to garden? No problem! You can pick up the box or have it delivered, daily fresh.

This is how our farmers think.

The Phood Farm locations.

The Community Farm is located 1.5 kilometers from the Caai, opposite Rielsedijk 71 in Eindhoven. You can pick up the Phood Farm Box weekly on Saturdays between 12:30 and 3 p.m. at Phood Kitchen on Hugo van der Goeslaan 2-03. Here you will also find the indoor Aquaponics Phood Farm!

Frequently asked questions.

We usually harvest on Saturdays and then immediately pack the Phood Farm Boxes with daily fresh produce. Can’t stop by to pick up your vegetable package on Saturday between 12:30 and 3 p.m.? If so, please drop us a line.

We also offer the option for friends or family to pick up Phood Farm Boxes, if you are away for a week, for example. So you can give your friends or family health as a gift!

Yes! You can also “bi-weekly” pick up your package. Then you get a double portion vegetable box.

Weekly, you can also supplement your Farm Box with available vegetables from the land or additional products from Phood Kitchen, such as kombucha or broth. You can check this off on the spot at the time you pick up your Farm Box!

The Phood Farm Box is completely plastic- and packaging-free. The crate you take weekly and empty glass containers you hand in, we clean them and use them again!

We process our surplus production into Phood Kitchen products, take it to the food bank or give it as food to piglets or back to nature!

That’s not a problem. We require 6 – 8 hours a month of help, learning, connecting with each other and hands in the soil of the garden. An incredibly enjoyable and educational gathering. You can arrange these hours freely each month and we are flexible about this. If you can’t do a week, you can also catch up at another time. For example, you can come and help for 2 hours every week on Saturday morning or come for 3 hours every other week on Saturday or another day.

We have chosen to have recurring payments completed via SEPA Direct Debit. You only need to enter your IBAN and details when signing up and your payment will be processed weekly or annually thereafter without any hassle.

No problem, this can be done very easily from the platform in your profile. Here you can choose either the Community Farmer or Community Shopper subscription. You can always adjust this. If you still can’t figure it out, you can always ask us.

If you pay weekly, you can cancel weekly after the first month. The annual subscription runs for an entire year. If you choose this you get 1 full month free.

Yes you can! Then choose the subscription without community farming, or the “Community Shopper” subscription. You get access to the platform but choose not to participate in the learning moments in the field. No problem!

The Community Farm is located at the Rielse Erven: Opposite Rielsedijk 71, Eindhoven. 

Most Community Farmers come by bike or even walking! There is room for some cars on or near the grounds, but we encourage everyone to come by bicycle, walking or public transportation. There is a bus stop less than a five-minute walk away.

Nice! People can sign up here to farm with us once for no obligation for €10 and receive a Phood Farm Meeboer box to take home with home-harvested vegetables.

Yes, we are happy to encourage that! When someone signs up through you, you get 2 weeks of a Phood Farm Box at no cost.

Still have questions?
Please get in touch!

Want to send a question by email, call someone from us to ask specific questions or get in touch for any reason? That’s no problem, we’re here for you!