Community shopper subscription

From €20.00 weekly or biweekly.

Want daily fresh vegetables of the purest quality? Sign up as a Community Shoppr!

We grow our vegetables hyper-locally in the heart of Eindhoven at the Rielse Erven and in our aquaponic farm on the Caai. Here you farm and harvest your own daily fresh for in your Phood Farm Tasting Box. Guaranteed cheaper and fresher than comparable organic supermarket products.

The Phood Farm Box is 100% pesticide-free, natural, ecological and regeneratively grown with care for people and nature.

As a shopper, you are part of the fa(r)mily and have access to hyperlocal, pesticide-free, daily fresh produce fresh from the land and from our aquaponic farms.

You can choose the day or time you pick up your box or have it delivered.

The box varies weekly, depending on what is growing. You can expect a mix of:

  • Shiitake oyster mushroom mix
  • Microgreens: broccoli, red cabbage, sunflower, pea or cilantro
  • Aquaponic lettuce or babyleaf greens
  • Kombucha or vegan broth
  • Riel country vegetables, herbs and flowers

In the process, you will gain access to the online community platform where knowledge about permaculture, recipes and information is exchanged.

  • Pesticide free
  • Freshly roasted
  • Ecologically grown
  • High in nutritional value
  • Packaging-free (single-use)
  • Cheaper than in the (eco) supermarket
  • Grown with care for people and nature
  • You can always visit the outdoor farm to unwind.
  • Through the online platform, you will receive new recipes every week and learn more about permaculture.

Get your richly stocked vegetable box starting at €20 per week. Guaranteed cheaper than in the (eco-)supermarket.

Do you want these at home be taken care of? This is possible within a 4km radius of the farms! The delivery charge is €2.99.

Your subscription is flexible and can be adjusted weekly.

You can pick up or have the box delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday between 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Pick up can be done at the indoor Phood Farm/Kitchen on the Hugo van der Goeslaan 2-01 in Eindhoven

You can pause your subscription for free 5 weeks a year. Now if you can’t make it for an extended period of time, you can also have a friend pick up the box. That way the harvest doesn’t go to waste and you give someone a “crate of healthy” as a gift.

Prefer to try it out first? Then order the sample box!

Prefer something else?

Check out our other subscriptions below!

From €15.00

Want to help out in the fields and learn how to grow your own vegetables? Sign up as a Farmer and grow your own vegetable box.

From €18.50

A day of co-farming in the fields? You can do that every Saturday, and you’ll get to take home your harvested vegetable box right away!

From €23.50

Trying the vegetable box once, but prefer not to garden? No problem! You can pick up the box or have it delivered, daily fresh.