Growing spots at Phood Farm! A fresh start to find and recharge yourself for a while.

This option is specifically for those who want to reintegrate at their own pace at Phood Farm. For some that means (re)starting a paid job as soon as possible, for others it’s more exploratory to see what really interests you and makes you happy, and for still others it’s about recovering at your own pace emotionally, mentally or physically after a setback.

We offer a customized pathway for a small fee because we want to give you the best and we offer more than a “standard volunteer pathway. Specifically, that means;

  • Individual work arrangements tailored to your load capacity and your qualities.
  • Participate and learn about sustainable, local food production.
  • Work supervision with experience in assisting people who need a little more attention or adjustment.
  • Individual coaching sessions for growth on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level (biweekly or monthly).
  • A healthy light lunch on your work days.

If you are interested in such a growing place at Phood Farm, you can first stop by to meet Liza and the farm.

If you like it, we will schedule 1 or 2 trial days after which we will discuss whether you want to start the program. The duration of your trajectory depends on your wishes and abilities; sometimes there is a deadline from a reintegration or job coach, then of course we take this into account. Usually such trajectories last between 3 months and a year. By evaluating regularly, we keep a finger on the pulse of your growth together, and when you are ready for the next step, the process stops.

Meet your coach Liza!

The growth spots are guided by Liza, one of the founders of Phood Farm and trained as a Psychologist as well as a Tai Chi & Chi Kung instructor. Liza likes to focus on growth, on alignment with the individual (i.e. you) and prefers to look at what you can do and who you really are, rather than your limitations. Request an intake interview with no obligation.

Reviews from our participants